Incomplete installation of EDM package bundle

Problem: You used the edm env import command to create a Python environment from a bundle file, but some of the bundled packages are missing from the environment (cannot be imported or used). For example, if preparing for an Enthought training class, the script showed import errors and/or a package count that was too small.

Typical cause and solution

Such an error typically results from too many simultaneous demands on the file system during the import command. For an Enthought training bundle, the import command installs more than 60 thousand files to create the scientific Python environment, so the installation needs your system's full attention.

You will need to repeat the import command, ensuring that it includes the --force option to overwrite the incomplete environment of the same name, as follows:
edm env import python-class -f <bundle filename> --force

When running the import command, please avoid all other use of the system:

  • To reduce the presence of background tasks, please reboot the system first.
  • Please avoid any system maintenance tasks, or ensure that they have fully completed, and are not running in the background, before beginning the import command. Please do not start or use any other applications while the import command is running.
  • If you have aggressive antivirus software on the system, its scanning of more than 60K files can slow down the installation so much that it fails as reported. If it is possible to temporarily disable the antivirus software (or even just disable its "phone home" feature), that can speed things up enormously, e.g. reducing the installation time from over an hour to less than 10 minutes, which would also eliminate this error.

If, despite the above precautions, the error still occurs, please repeat the import command immediately -- multiple times if necessary. One repetition will probably suffice, but if your system is slow and/or overloaded and/or has slow antivirus software, it might require multiple repetitions before it succeeds. The reason seems to be that eventually the antivirus software has had time to inspect all 60K files and no longer slows down the installation so much.

Unusual causes and solution

  • The download of the bundle file was incomplete or corrupted.
  • You don't have enough room on your hard drive. This would only be fixable by clearing up disk space (4 GB free space recommended).
  • Inaccurate third-party antivirus software flagged some packages with a false positive. This would only be fixable by disabling the antivirus software during installation.


  • Ensure you have 4 GB of free disk space.
  • Repeat the download of the bundle file, and compare file sizes to ensure that the full bundle was downloaded.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Ensure that system scanning software, especially antivirus software, is shut down, temporarily, as much as possible. This will make the installation more robust, also much faster.
  • Follow the suggestions in section "Typical cause and solution," above.
  • Re-enable any temporarily disabled system scanning software.

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