Incomplete installation of EDM package bundle

Problem: You used the edm env import command to create a Python environment from a bundle file, but some of the bundled packages are missing from the environment (cannot be imported or used). For example, if preparing for an Enthought training class, the script showed a few errors.

The probable causes (most likely first) are:

  • Your anti-virus (AV) software or other system software was scanning the system during installation, interfering with the installation of some packages (especially large ones). This would usually be fixable by repeating the step with an added --force option as shown below.
  • You don't have enough room on your hard drive. This would only be fixable by clearing up disk space (4 GB free space recommended).
  • Third party AV software flagged some packages with a false positive. This would only be fixable by disabling the AV software during installation.
  • The download of the bundle file was incomplete or corrupted.


  • Ensure you have 4 GB of free disk space.
  • Repeat the download and compare file sizes to ensure that the full bundle was downloaded.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Ensure that system scanning software, especially AV software, is shut down, temporarily, as much as possible. This will make the installation more robust, also much faster.
  • Do not multi-task on the system during the following step.
  • Repeat the bundle installation with the added "force" option, as follows:
    edm env import python-class -f <bundle filename> --force
  • Repeat the failed test or other operation.
  • If you get a similar failure again, it's possible that you might need to repeat the edm env import command yet again (some less-widely used AV software may require several passes to check and accept some files.)
  • Re-enable any temporarily disabled system scanning software.

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