EDM: "ERROR: The environment hasn't been activated correctly"

A few users have reported seeing an error like the following when using the edm shell command to activate a Python environment:

!!! ERROR: The environment hasn't been activated correctly. !!!
Please check the contents of your $PATH. You might be adding new directories to it from inside your shell's configuration file. Expected common prefix : [...] Detected Python prefix : [...] Detected EDM prefix : [...] If you cannot make `edm shell` work, you may consider using the `edm-activate` script instead. Starting new shell in EDM environment '[...]'. Type 'exit' to return.


While there could be other possible causes, the most likely ones on Windows seem to be:

  • Running the edm shell command from the edm installation directory or one of its subdirectories, or from the Scripts subdirectory of an edm-managed Python environment. If you are doing either of these things, that should be easy to correct.
  • An edm-managed Python environment having been moved or copied between directories or systems, resulting in the environment's Scripts\edm-script.py not referencing the same environment's python.exe. If you are using some non-standard (unsupported) method of installing EDM or your environments, this could be the culprit.


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