How to cleanly / completely re-install VS Code on Mac


  • On your Mac, you have multiple Python environments installed, which you are not using.
  • You have Enthought Tools for Visual Studio Code (ET4VSC) installed, and have created Enthought Python environment(s), which you activated and want to use.
  • But VS Code is detecting and running scripts in one of those other Pythons rather than in the activated Enthought Python environment.
  • You may also have other VS Code extensions installed, which may also be interacting unexpectedly with each other and/or with ET4VSC.

You could selectively remove or reconfigure these other extensions, and manually modify other VS Code settings, to try to fix this. However it is sometimes quicker and easier to just start over with a clean installation:

  • It should not be necessary to uninstall the Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM), or the Enthought Python environments which it created.
  • Uninstall the other Python environments which you are not using, so that VS Code won't connect to them automatically after reinstallation.
  • Uninstall VS Code. Note that it is not enough to simply drag the VS Code application  into the trash. You also need to remove the settings for VS Code and its extensions. To do that, please refer to "How to completely uninstall vscode on mac" on Stack Overflow, which describes both command-line and GUI-based solutions.
  • Reinstall VS Code, and Enthought Tools for Visual Studio Code.

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