Linux: error while loading system library (the manylinux specification)

Enthought packages assume that a minimal set of system libraries is available. This is necessary so that our binaries will work on a variety of distributions (even though we build on CentOS / RedHat environments).

The set of libraries that we exclude from building is based on the manylinux PEP description that is used for Python wheels (see links below).

The rule of thumb is:

  • We do not offer libraries for the core opengl implementation, because different vendors can offer their own hardware-accelerated binaries.
  • We do not offer core X11 libraries, to avoid conflicts with the vendor-provided builds (and it would be very difficult to build them so that they work across distributions).
  • We do not offer core and kernel-related libraries. (For example using our own would practically require us to build and maintain our own linux distribution.)

So if you find encounter a library not found error, check to see if you are missing one of the manylinux libraries, and install it in your system.

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