Canopy GUI end of life -- transition to the Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) and Visual Studio Code

Enthought's Python Distribution is the Python which is installed by EDM or Canopy. It provides over 1000 Python packages to scientists and engineers. It grows weekly, and is available free to all users. It. We prioritize reliability and business need above release schedule, so we do not automatically build the most current Python version or core scientific Python packages.

Enthought's preferred tool for installation and management of Enthought Python and packages is the command-line Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM). It has been in active use since 2016, including providing all of Canopy's package management under the hood.

The Canopy GUI is at end of life. The final version, 2.1.9, was released in early 2018. Canopy installers have not been publicly available since late 2019.

Programs written to run in Canopy-installed Python environments will still run in new EDM-installed Python environments (assuming that you install the same or compatible Python versions and packages), because they all run the same Enthought Python and packages -- it's just the Python installation interface that has changed.

To replace the Canopy GUI, a good basic IDE is Microsoft's free, open-source, extensible, multi-platform Visual Studio Code (VS Code) -- not to be confused with Microsoft's commercial Visual Studio). See Using Visual Studio Code as an IDE with the Enthought Deployment Manager. One difference between their use as IDEs is that Canopy runs scripts in an embedded ipython qtconsole (running by default in the long-deprecated pylab mode), whereas by default VS Code runs scripts in plain Python. However, you can also run ipython in VSCode, if you start it explicitly from VSCode Terminal.



  1. Almost all of EDM's functionality is command-line only.  The GUI / desktop "Enthought Deployment Manager" application , which is included with many EDM installers, does not provide general EDM functionality. Rather, this GUI's primary purpose is discovering and installing applications written for and by Enthought consulting customers. 

  2.  For creating, re-creating, and/or distributing a consistent Python environment with up-to-date package versions, we recommend using EDM's bundle feature. If you create an EDM bundle, you can use it to create a Python environment for use within VS Code. We use such bundles in all our Python training courses -- previously with Canopy, and now with VS Code.

  3. When updating packages, please note the article "UnresolvableRequirements" or "Conflicting requirements" when installing or updating packages.

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    Rohini Shinde

    unable to find the canopy installer

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    Jonathan March

    Quoting from the article: "Canopy installers are no longer downloadable by the public. They will continue to be available on the Enthought download page, to enterprise customers only"

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