On Canopy v2 startup, Python kernel fails to start



You start the Canopy Editor, and immediately see an error dialog popup with a message such as:

    Kernel Error
        The kernel (user python environment) has failed to start.
        Please verify that the kernel interpreter path is correct.


When you "OK" out of this dialog, the Editor window opens, but its Python panel shows:

    INFO: PYthon panel is disabled while the ipython kernel is not



The most likely cause of this would be that your Canopy User Python environment has been corrupted (for example by a system backup/restore error, or by human accidental damage). If the problem persists after rebooting the system, Reset the User Python Environment from the Canopy Tools => Troubleshoot menu.

If "Reset User Python Environment" is not available, this means that you have configured Canopy to use a different Python environment, which is no longer available. In this case, go to the Canopy Preferences menu's Python panel, then either "Use Default Canopy Environment (User)" or else select a different available "EDM Environment to use" (possibly after creating it with the "Create New Environment" button.) For more on these options, see "Switching Python Environments".

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