Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) Overview and Release Notes

The Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) quickly creates and maintains multiple self-contained Python environments (currently Python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6, for Windows 64- and 32-bit, and RHEL6+ 64-bit and OS X 10.9+). EDM provides unmatched robust state-of-the-art management of package dependencies, ensuring consistent package version sets.

EDM Product Description
EDM Documentation 
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Note that the EDM application for Windows is a 64-bit application, but it can create and manage both 32-bit and 64-bit Python environments.


Known Issues with current version

EDM Known issues


Release notes for recent versions

The current version of EDM is 1.9.0 (19 December 2017)

See "EDM History" in documentation


Release Notes for EDM 1.5 and earlier


EDM 1.5.2 (26 April 2017)

Bug fix

  • fix `edm run` on windows (#1438)


EDM 1.5.1 (13 April 2017)


  • each environment runtime's sha256 and repository are now tracked (#1379)
  • backports bundle metadata format 2.0 (#1385, #1387)

Bug fixes

  • increase timeout in rename on windows (#1426)
  • fix pkg-metadata parsing to be robust about .DS_store and other OS-created files  (#1298)
  • fix bundle import does not respect order of installation (#1307)
  • fix `edm run` behaviour on windows when given command with args (#1308)
  • fix history when upgrade-all command is used (#1363)
  • fix/update library list in `edm versions` (#1370)


EDM 1.5.0 (13 March 2017)

This minor release brings the usual set of bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended for all users to upgrade.


  • new command upgrade-all to support updating every installed package to the latest version (#1330). update-all is deprecated in favor of update --all.
  • new command versions to list all the important lib names. (#1285)

Bug fixes

  • -e bash installer flag does not work (#1207)
  • new entry point can be from wrong (parent) environment (#1208)
  • error on importing egginst.utils (#1264)
  • EDM activate scripts for python3 do not setup PATH correctly on windows (#1203)
  • "Update All" in PackMan: ValueError: max() arg is an empty sequence (#1270)
  • permissions issues in PKG-INFO files (#1277)
  • edm repack-egg bypasses -a arguments (#1306)
  • handle Ctrl+C gracefully in environment's edm entry point (#1318)
  • better error handling for people trying to execute edm-activate (#1319)
  • edm run -- command should not crash if command is not found (#1325)
  • introduce egginst.utils.rm_rf to fix some post install scripts. (#1333)


EDM 1.4.1 (12 January 2017)

This micro release fixes some multi-user cases with EDM, and the repack-egg command. No need to update unless you are having problems.

Bug fixes

  • atomic_file should now create file w/ right permissions (#1278)


EDM 1.4.0 (6 January 2017)

Minor release, with bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended for all users to upgrade.


  • support running edm from C:Program Files (#1181)
  • edm info: include prefix of activated environment (#1218)
  • edm envs create now takes a --platform argument to install different (but compatible) platforms (#1269)

Bug fixes

  • confusing help message from edm egginst --help (#1210)
  • error messages hard to read in Windows Command Prompt (#1252)
  • edm shell should work even when SHELL is not defined (#1236)
  • default .edm.yaml should not include enthought/pypi (#1219)
  • in embedded mode, edm overrides the embedded configuration (#1261)
  • fix egginst.main --remove to handle <name>. (#1271)



EDM 1.3.0 (2 December 2016)

Minor release, with bug fixes and improvements. It is recommended for all users to upgrade.


  • enumerate possible implementations, to make the implementation discoverable (#1104)
  • history now shows which command was executed for each transaction (#1113)
  • edm run now prints a message for segfaulting commands (#1200)
  • edm repack-egg now accepts an optional path for endist.dat (#1222)

Bug fixes

  • edm environments upgrade is fixed (#1190)
  • error out when custom root directory is not absolute (#1185, #1221)


EDM 1.2.0 (15 October 2016)

This version fixes some issues, and adds a few useful features. It is recommended for all users to upgrade.


  • fix the Access Denied error on windows
  • edm-activate batch and powershell scripts included in the windows installers:
    # This will activate the given environment in the current shell, as in virtualenv.
    $ edm-activate <environment-name>
  • add a clone subcommand in edm environments to create new environments as copies of existing ones:
    # Create a new environment bar which is an exact copy of foo
    # (same python version, same packages, etc.)
    $ edm environments clone -e foo bar


  • implement edm-activate for .bat and .ps1 (#930)
  • provide better error message for WindowsError: Access is Denied (#1063)
  • allow shell into environment when in environment directory (#1064)
  • edm info no longer displays cache information (#1116)
  • implement `--force` to edm envs remove (#1127)
  • fix handling of files_to_install.txt on windows (#1130)
  • fix traceback printed when exiting out of a long running EDM shell (#1143)
  • clone environments command (#1154) 


EDM 1.1.0 (13 September 2016)

This version fixes some issues, and adds a few useful features. It is recommended for all users to upgrade.


This release brings the following new features:

  • every command changing the packages' version set in an environment now checks whether the environment is consistent or not
  • new edm fix-broken command to fix broken dependencies
  • the ability to install 32-bit environments in 64-bit EDM (windows-only)
  • logfile support with edm --log-file (or the configuration file)


  • user command to validate environment or make it consistent (#872)
  • allow installation of 32-bit runtimes on 64-bit windows (#896)
  • user/CLI Docs polishing (#1019)
  • track inconsistencies in PackagesManager methods using the solver (#1087)
  • logfile support (#1110)

Bug fixes

  • search ignores --version if an environment exists (#1044)
  • fix test suite when running on a released version (#1070)
  • purge flag does not work on partially removed environment (#1055)
  • post install scripts result in cmd.exe consoles popping up when used from GUI (canopy). (#1081)
  • require attrs < 16.1.0 to support okonomiyaki 0.16.3 (#1108)
  • use abspath in prefix check (#1115)


EDM 1.0.0 (31 August 2016)

Initial public release




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