Setting PYTHONPATH and other environment variables in Windows

This article outlines the recommended procedure to set and edit environment variables on Windows using the Rapid Environment Editor. The PYTHONPATH environment variable is used as an example, but these instructions can be applied to other environment variables as well (e.g. PATH, HTTP_PROXY, etc.).,

1) Download and install the Rapid Environment Editor.

2) Open the Rapid Environment Editor. The right panel shows the User environment variables that can be edited for the current user profile. The left panel shows the System environment variables which can only be edited by running the Rapid Environment Editor with Administrator privileges. The System environment variables are applied for all users of the machine.

3) To add a new environment variable, right-click anywhere in the User Variables pane and select "Add variable...". To edit an existing environment variable, proceed to step 5. 

4) Enter the name of the variable (e.g. PYTHONPATH) and select the variable type. For variables that can have multiple values (e.g. multiple directory paths in the PYTHONPATH variable),  select "Expandable string" as the variable type.

5) Add the desired values to the environment variable by right-clicking on the environment variable and selecting "Add value". Enter the new value in the text box or use "Insert directory path" to interactively navigate to the desired path. Individual values can also be edited/removed by expanding the environment variable tree and right-clicking on the desired value.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 for any remaining changes to the environment variables. 

7) After you are finished setting the environment variables, click the Save icon in the toolbar and close the Rapid Environment Editor.

Now, Canopy (and other programs as well) will inherit these environment variables when started.


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