Known Issues with Data Import Tool

The current version of the Data Import Tool is 1.0.9 (release notes). As of this version, these are the key known issues:

  • If you are a free user (including expired subscribers and free academics), starting the Data Import Tool's free 7-day trial will take one or two extra steps:
    • If you downloaded or updated to Canopy 1.7.0 before 05:00 UTC (GMT) (1 a.m. EDT) Saturday April 23, please re-download and re-install it so that you can start your free trial (free users only; there is no reason for current subscribers to do this). Our apologies for the inconvenience.
    • After you activate your free trial, you will need to restart Canopy before you can begin using the Data Import Tool.
  • Sorting the Data Frame and setting any column as Index will make the Sort Indicator appear on the wrong column. (#907)
  • Shift+Arrow key selection of columns is buggy. (#849)
  • On some platforms and configurations, highlighting cells with invalid data can make it hard to read their contents. (#802)
  • On Windows, checking the "Highlight Null Values" checkbox doesn't immediately update the view. Refreshes if the user clicks on inside the table view. (#727)
  • Pressing Esc in the Python Code view tab (or the Log Pane) closes it without providing a way to re-open. (#722)
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for cut-and-paste from the Python Code view doesn't work. Copying using the right-click menu still works. (#703)
  • Python Code view incorrectly allows adding line breaks. These are not present in the saved file. (#641)
  • Double clicking on empty cells or cells with invalid data will cause them to be populated by a default value. (#506)
  • The Data Import Tool will try and fail to import Excel (.xlsx) files. In version 1.0.8, it will refuse to try. It is in our plans to support loading xlsx in the future, but in the meanwhile please export excel files to .csv as an intermediate step.
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    Jonathan March

    Added note about importing Excel (.xlsx) files.

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