Known Issues with Data Import Tool

The current version of the Data Import Tool is 1.1.2, released 5 July 2017 (release notes).  These are the key known issues in this version:

  • A free 7-day trial is no longer available, but Canopy versions 2.1.7 and earlier still have a welcome screen button that advertises the former trial.
  • To use the Data Import Tool with Python 3.5 or 3.6 (available in Canopy 2.1.3 and above):
    • Please install the latest version of the catalyst and pyqt packages in the Canopy Package Manager. Note that pyqt is licensed GPL.
    • There is no Data Import Tool icon in Canopy's Welcome screen in Canopy 2.1.3. Canopy subscribers can access all the the Tool's capabilities from the Canopy Editor window (File menu => Import Data, or File Browser => Right click on file => Import data).
  • In Canopy versions 2.1.7 and earlier, users who have a valid license file but are not logged into Canopy (for example are temporarily disconnected from the internet) will be warned that the Data Import Tool requires the user to be logged in. However, the Data Import Tool will still be available for use after closing the dialog. This has been resolved in Canopy 2.1.8 so that the warning is not shown if a valid license is found.
  • Shift+Arrow key selection of columns is buggy. (#849)
  • On some platforms and configurations, highlighting cells with invalid data can make it hard to read their contents. (#802)
  • Pressing Esc in the Python Code view tab (or the Log Pane) closes it without providing a way to re-open. (#722)
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for cut-and-paste from the Python Code view doesn't work. Copying using the right-click menu still works. (#703)
  • Double clicking on empty cells or cells with invalid data will cause them to be populated by a default value. (#506)
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    Jonathan March

    Added note about importing Excel (.xlsx) files.

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