Known Issues with Data Import Tool

The current version of the Data Import Tool is 1.1.2, released 5 July 2017 (release notes).  These are the key known issues in this version:

  • To use the Data Import Tool with Python 3.5 or 3.6 (available in Canopy 2.1.3 and above):
    • Please install the latest version of the catalyst and pyqt packages in the Canopy Package Manager. Note that pyqt is licensed GPL.
    • There is no Data Import Tool icon in Canopy's Welcome screen in Canopy 2.1.3. Canopy subscribers can access all the the Tool's capabilities from the Canopy Editor window (File menu => Import Data, or File Browser => Right click on file => Import data).
  • If you are a free user (including expired subscribers and free academics), starting the Data Import Tool's free 7-day trial will take an extra steps: After you activate your free trial, you will need to restart Canopy before you can begin using the Data Import Tool.
  • Shift+Arrow key selection of columns is buggy. (#849)
  • On some platforms and configurations, highlighting cells with invalid data can make it hard to read their contents. (#802)
  • Pressing Esc in the Python Code view tab (or the Log Pane) closes it without providing a way to re-open. (#722)
  • Using keyboard shortcuts for cut-and-paste from the Python Code view doesn't work. Copying using the right-click menu still works. (#703)
  • Double clicking on empty cells or cells with invalid data will cause them to be populated by a default value. (#506)
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    Jonathan March

    Added note about importing Excel (.xlsx) files.

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