Matplotlib 1.5.1: Font Cache Warning

In Matplotlib 1.5.1, the following warning will be displayed when FontManager() is instantiated and Matplotlib builds the font cache (e.g. when importing matplotlib.pyplot): 

UserWarning: Matplotlib is building the font cache using fc-list. This may take a moment.

This should only appear the first time FontManager() is instantiated, but in some instances it is necessary to remove the previous matplotlib font cache to allow the new font cache build to be recognized. To do this, run the following from Canopy's IPython prompt:

import matplotlib as mpl
font_cache_path = mpl.get_cachedir() + '/fontList.cache'
%rm $font_cache_path

The warning should now appear only the next time that matplotlib.pyplot is imported, and not afterwards.

When Matplotlib 1.5.2 is released, we expect that this error will be suppressed.


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