IPython won't run in Terminal after package update

(This article pertains only to Canopy v1; please update to Canopy v2.)

In the transition from IPython 3 to Jupyter (IPython 4), the package's structure changed significantly. Preserving continuity required special handling of package dependencies, and we missed at least one corner case. As a result, if you updated all packages in the Package Manager (or by using the enpkg utility) between September 14 and October 14 (midday UTC), IPython may be broken when run from Command Prompt or Terminal. 

Apologies for the inconvenience. This bug has been fixed. However if you were already bitten by it, you will need to update ipython again, either in the Package Manager or using enpkg. This should resolve the problem for almost all users.

For the few users who did more complicated switching between ipython versions, a slightly more forceful update may be required:

1) From the Canopy Tools menu, open a Canopy Command Prompt (Windows) or Canopy Terminal (Mac or Linux).

2) Type the following command:

enpkg --forceall ipython

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