Last 32-bit Canopy Versions: Mac OS X (Canopy 1.5.2) and Linux (Canopy 1.5.5)

Canopy 1.5.2 (January 2015) is the last version available for 32-bit Mac OS X.

Canopy 1.5.5 (July 2015) is the last version available for 32-bit Linux.

These Canopy installers for 32-bit Canopy for Mac OS X and Linux can be provided to Enthought customers on an as-needed basis. Please inquire to

No more recent package updates are available for these Python environments.

For users of 32-bit Windows, the most recent version of Canopy can be found at


Background: The last 32-bit version of Mac OS X itself was from 2009 (Mac OS X.6 Snow Leopard). We have vanishingly few users on 32-bit Linux.

Therefore, we have determined that our resources are better directed toward enhancing current platforms.



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