Alert - Updating from an earlier version of EPD

If you already have an earlier version of EPD 7 installed, we recommend that you use EPD's enpkg command line utility to update the individual EPD packages. If, instead, you were to install EPD 7.3 using one of the above installers, it would be like a new installation of EPD from July 2012, and would not contain any of the package additions and updates which you have already made in your existing EPD 7 installation.

If, nevertheless, you do decide to install EPD 7.3 on a Windows system which already has a version of EPD 7 installed, please first completely uninstall your most recent EPD 7 installation (using Add/Remove programs), reboot, and then delete its installation directory (typically C:\Python27), before installing EPD 7.3. This would be necessary, for example, if you wanted to replace 32-bit EPD or EPD Free with 64-bit EPD on Windows.

If your earlier installation of EPD is version 6 (with Python 2.6) or earlier, it is usually worth going through the above steps so that you can update to Python 2.7.

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