[RESOLVED] PyLab or plotting error in Matplotlib 1.3.0 (UnicodeDecodeError with non-ASCII font names)

A bug in Matplotlib 1.3.0 prevents you from importing various packages (such as Pylab) as well as causes problems in rendering plots, and appears only on systems which have installed additional fonts with non-ASCII font names such as Ænigma. We expect that the matplotlib project will release 1.3.1, including a fix for this, within the next month, but in the meantime the easiest solution is to temporarily downgrade matplotlib to version 1.2.1. To do this:

  1. Find matplotlib in the Canopy Package Manager
  2. Click "More Info"
  3. Next to "There are 10 versions of this package," click "Show"
  4. Click on "matplotlib 1.2.1-1"
  5. Click on "Install"
  6. From the Canopy Editor's Run menu, Restart the Kernel (or restart Canopy itself)

Alternatively, you could try removing some of these installed fonts.

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