Quick Start Guide to Installing Canopy and Packages

To get up and running with Canopy, use this quick start guide for installing Canopy and performing some of the more common setup tasks:

  1. Please visit our downloads page to get the latest Canopy installer for your platform: https://store.enthought.com/downloads/ 
    • We recommend downloading the standard Canopy installer (available to both paid/academic subscribers and Canopy Express users) as this is a smaller download and installation footprint, and allows the user to customize their environment by installing the packages that are most useful to them. In both the standard and large installer, the Canopy application is identical, but the larger installer pre-bundles the majority of packages in Canopy's repository for easier deployment on disconnected systems or larger user bases. For more information, please see this article explaining the differences in Canopy Express and paid subscriptions.
  2. Next install the Canopy application and set up Canopy's User Python environment. Instructions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux can be found in the Canopy User Guide Quick Start Topics.
  3. To install additional packages into Canopy, users should log into the Canopy application using their Enthought account. This grants access to any repositories that come with your subscription. For information on updating the Canopy application and its Python packages, please see this article.
    • To install packages into Canopy's User Python environment using the OS command line (vs. using the Package Manager), please see this article which describes the process for packages in Canopy's repos as well as the steps needed for installing external packages.

For a quick overview of the Canopy application and its included tools, please see the online Canopy User Guide's  "Quick Start Topics".

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    Ivan Craig


    I am not able to select the 32 bit version of Canopy for download. I am

    running Ubuntu 9.0.4 in a Parallels 7 virtual environment . I am an edX

    student and have posted my problem there. Do you have a solution for this

    installation problem?

    Thank you, Ivan Craighrandiac@ktb.net

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