Package Manager requires logging in to install / update packages

Canopy's Package Manager is makes it easy to discover and manage the Python packages available through Enthought's package repository. In the top right corner, the Package Manager displays the name of the Enthought account currently logged in, or if no account is currently logged in, a link to log in at Canopy's Welcome screen. This can be a useful troubleshooting tool if a package is shown as unavailable, which you believe should be available.

If the Package Manager looks like the image below (specifically the colored flags to the right of a package name), then you are not currently logged in. Please either login at the Welcome screen or click the "Login" link (shown below), which just redirects to the same login dialog on the Welcome screen.


Once you have logged in, the Package Manager should refresh itself based on the logged in user's access level and allow you to install or update all packages supported by your Canopy subscription. Your Welcome screen and Package Manager should look like the image below. If you are logged in and still are not able to access packages, you may no longer have an active subscription. In this case, please email (from the email address linked to your Enthought account) to inquire about the status of your subscription.


Please note that to update packages in the "Free Packages" repo (included as part of the standard installer), users will still need to log in from a registered Enthought account, even if they don't intend to acquire a subscription. You can register either by clicking the "create one" link on the Welcome screen (in place of the "Logged in as..." text above), or by visiting our website at

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