Canopy Bug Reporter and Recovery Manager

Bug Reporter

When the Canopy GUI application fails to start correctly, a Bug Reporter dialog should pop up, giving you the opportunity to report the bug and include comments and diagnostic information (environment and logs). If you include your email address, you should receive an automatic email acknowledgement. If the problem repeats identically, there is usually no point to submitting the bug report multiple times; instead, you can reply to the email acknowledgement with any further remarks, which will be added to the ticket.

Enthought uses these reports to make Canopy even better. We are not able to respond to most reports individually, but if you ask specific questions in the report comments, we will respond if possible (or if you are a Pro-level subscriber).

Recovery Manager

(new in Canopy 1.4.1)

Resetting the Canopy System environment

If a Canopy startup problem repeats, the most likely cause is breakage in Canopy's System environment, for example due to a corrupted file or an incomplete application update. To fix this, you can reset the System environment.

To do this, click the checkbox near the top of the Bug Reporter, enabling Canopy's Recovery Manager. When you leave the Bug Reporter (whether or not you submitted a bug report), the Recovery Manager will start, and offer you recovery options.

The default recovery option is to reset the System environment only. It can usually be reset non-destructively. Your current System environment directory will be backed up to a time-stamped directory under the same parent (by default the User environment directory also has the same parent). However, any Canopy add-on components which you are using, such as Canopy Geo, will be deleted and would need to be re-installed later; you may be able to copy them manually from the backup.

Resetting the Canopy Configuration directory

As an extra step (typically after checking whether restarting the OS solves the problem), resetting your configuration directory may help. Your current configuration directory will be backed up to a time-stamped directory under the same parent directory. Your Canopy preference settings will be lost but you can copy them manually from the backup if you wish. Your locations.cfg file, which specifies the location of your System and User environments, will be preserved if possible.

Note about the Canopy User Python environment

The Recovery Manager does not reset or otherwise change the Canopy User Python environment, which contains almost all the packages used by your own Python code. These packages will not be affected by a Recovery Manager reset, so your code's ability to run should not be affected. 

The very rare exceptions to this are:

1) If your code is part of a Canopy add-on, then it runs in the System environment, so will be reset as described above.

2) If your code makes direct calls to the IPython API, and you had updated the Canopy application to a version making use of a different version of IPython, then your code could be affected if it is running  in the Canopy application's IPython shell.

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    Nikesh Bajaj

    Dear Jonathan

     This is pretty useful information, though I have a query. Even after sending report and clicking on to reset directory and system environment, Canopy is not starting. If I start it again, it again ask all the same things, If I ask to reset again, It simply goes off.

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    Jonathan March

    @Nikesh in that case you may want to see To request  more detailed individual support, reply to the emails which you received in response to your report, rather than here.

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