When is a Canopy full installer useful, and how much disk space does it require?

(Updated April 25, 2016 for Canopy 1.7.0, May 26, 2016 for more on when to use the full installer)

Standard recommendation - use the standard installer

For almost all Canopy subscribers (including paid and free academic), we strongly recommend installing Canopy from the freely available standard Canopy installer, which is bundled with approximately 80 core scientific packages. With your subscriber login, you can then use the Canopy Package Manager to install any additional packages as needed from our package repository (and you will automatically have access to the Canopy GUI debugger, and for paid subscribers, the Data Import Tool).

When to use the full installer

Canopy's full installers are intended for institutional subscribers whose users do not have internet access, or for other reasons cannot update packages easily, and for whom ample disk space is available. These full installers are bundled with approximately 450 packages each (depending on operating system) in addition to the Python standard library, and occupy a large amount of disk space.

The exact amount of disk space used by the Canopy huge installers depends on the operating system, and on any subsequent updates to the Canopy application and packages.

The download file size of each full installer is approximately 1.4 GB.  

After installation and startup for a single user, approximately 4 GB of disk space is used (not including the installer, which you may delete). Additional users on a managed or open common install do not add significantly to this space usage. Additional users on a standard install each add approximately 2.5 GB of disk space.

If you are a paid or academic subscriber who has decided that you really do want to download the full installer, but are having trouble doing so, please log out of the Enthought store website, then log back in, then go back to the Canopy download page and look for " Click here to download the full ... installer"

Installing Canopy on classroom or lab machines with Academic license

To legally use Canopy Academic on machines with multiple users, you must first do one of the following:

  • Every Canopy user (staff or student) obtains their own individual free academic license, or...
  • The teacher or other responsible staff member fills out, signs, and returns the Academic Institution License to confirm that only academic-eligible persons will be using Canopy on these machines.


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