Canopy shows no updates available - reinstalling from the website

New versions of Canopy may be released but not visible when you "Check for updates" within the application. The current Canopy version is 1.7.4, released July 21, 2016. See "Canopy Release Notes" for details. Version 2.1 (optionally supporting both Python 2.7 and Python 3.5) will be released in early May 2017.


Users of Canopy 1.7.0 or higher who are connected to the internet should be able to update to Canopy 1.7.4 from within the Canopy application. Your installed package set will not be updated. If you wish to start with a clean install of Canopy and Canopy Python, see the next section.


Users of Canopy 1.6 will need to uninstall and reinstall the application:

  • Windows: use Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" (see this article if problems)
  • Mac: delete Canopy from your Applications folder
  • Linux: delete the installation target directory

Then download the Canopy installer from, and install it.

Your Canopy User Python environment, containing your installed and updated packages, is in a separate directory and will not be modified unless you separately, explicitly delete it. Likewise, your preferences and saved sessions will not be affected.

However, you will in general get a cleaner, more consistent package set if you explicitly delete your existing Canopy User Python environment, so that you will automatically restart with a clean environment matching Canopy 1.7.4. We recommend this for most users. The exception would be if you have many 3rd-party or in-house packages already installed and who do not want the work of reinstalling them. See the guidelines in this article - "Uninstalling and resetting Canopy".


Users of Canopy 1.5 or earlier should always do a full uninstall and reset of the User and System environments and configuration directory as described in this article - "Uninstalling and resetting Canopy".


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