Windows: Error during .msi installation "The specified account already exists"


In rare cases, the .msi installer can fail with the error "The specified account already exists". As far as we can tell, this is not a bug within Canopy's installer but rather with .msi installers in general, where certain registry keys can become corrupted during an install or uninstall.

Microsoft recommends running their fix-up utility and then reattempt the installation. We have found that this has resolved the issue in the few cases we've encountered.


If the Microsoft install cleaner utility is unable to repair the failed install/uninstall, the only remaining option for installing Canopy would be to create a new user account and install Canopy from that user.


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    Febin Philip

    It Worked For ME !!! Thanks For The Tip

  • Avatar
    JoJo Paws

    Microsoft's fix-up found no problems. Still I cannot install msxml4.msi file.

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    Mark Vogel
    This fix-up utility apparently does not exists for Window 10.
  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    The above-linked article does say that it applies to Windows 10. More feedback welcome.

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