[RESOLVED] OSX - Canopy crashes

(Updated June 12, 2015 for Canopy 1.5.4)

Most common symptom:

Your Mac goes to sleep or loses internet connectivity, while the Canopy GUI is running.
Your Mac wakes up, or regains internet connectivity.
The Canopy GUI crashes.  


Update to the current version of Canopy (release notes) by:

Your installed packages will not be affected — not deleted, and not updated.

If you wish to start over with only the latest set of ~50 core scientific packages, which are bundled with Canopy, delete folder  /Users/<your user name>/Library/Enthought/Canopy_64bit/ (or "32bit" if applicable) before restarting Canopy.

Should you delete that folder? If you have not made any important changes to your package set, or if your Canopy installation is quite old, then we recommend deleting it, to be at a fresh new starting point. Otherwise, we suggest that you not delete it, so you'll have fewer changes to juggle -- you can always delete it later if you want.

Note: The update to Canopy is not available within Canopy 1.5.1 or earlier. For an explanation, see "Canopy shows no updates available - reinstalling from the website"


These crashes were caused by an issue with the QT backend graphics library that the Canopy GUI uses. Canopy versions 1.5.2 and higher include updated versions of QT. These crashes occurred primarily on OS X Mavericks 10.9 and Yosemite 10.10, rather than on older versions of OS X.

They did not affect Canopy Python itself, nor any Canopy packages except insofar as the packages were using QT.

Possibly related crashes:

Some much less frequent Mac crashes related to the Canopy GUI (clicking on GUI widgets, including in the IPython notebook in the Canopy application, and the Canopy documentation browser) may also be resolved by this update, but since these were infrequent and usually not reproducible, we do not know whether they have all been resolved.

If the Canopy GUI does crash after updating to version 1.5.4 or higher, and then on restarting offers you the opportunity to submit a crash report, we would appreciate your doing so. Only one crash report, per type of crash, per user is needed. (If you would like to add subsequent comments to your report, please reply to the email that you received after you submitted the report.)

Further stability improvements are included in Canopy 1.5.5, which updates to using Qt 4.8.7.

The workaround for any such remaining crashes is to save your work often. In the preferences menu, you can tell Canopy to restore last state on startup, so you'll still have the same files open when you restart the Canopy GUI.


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  • Avatar
    Hugo Barbosa-Filho

    I think I've managed to solve this problem. After applying this workaround I've put my mac to sleep at least 20 times so far and it hasn't crashed anymore. Given It was crashing every other time, I think that might be a solution (at least it worked for me).

    Reading the Qt bug reports, it seems that this issue is related to this bug here:  https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/72245/.

    I have Qt4 installed here so I replaced the two files in /Applications/Canopy.app/appdata/canopy- by those from the qt-4.8.6 I've installed from homebrew (/usr/local/Cellar/qt/4.8.6/plugins/bearer/). I've also tested restoring them by the files that comes with Canopy and it started crashing again. So I think that those are the problematic libraries.   

    I don't know but that may help you guys to solve the issue.  

  • Avatar
    Jonathan March

    Many thanks, Hugo. Your solution will be in Canopy 1.5.2, to be released soon.

  • Avatar
    Radovan Omorjan

    Radovan Omorjan a few seconds ago

    Hello Jonathan,
    Whatever I try - updating, clean install, the 1.5.4 version (Win7(64bit) does not work regarding IPython Notebook. It just does not open new IPYthon Notebook at all. If I try to open an exisiting IPython notebook, the following error always appear

    Unable to load file: C:....
    403: Client Error: Forbidden

    By the way, Kernel is working, IPython is working, Python files (py) can be opened and started.

    I had to get back to 1.5.2 - clean install.


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