[RESOLVED] Windows: Package installation fails with "invalid command 'egg_inst'" or similar (Windows 64-bit only)

Status: Fixed in Canopy 1.4.0 and later.

The 64-bit Windows version of Canopy 1.3 contained a defect in the Package Manager (and 'enpkg' command line utility) which caused it to incorrectly install new packages. The packages function correctly, but the error causes problems when installing new packages. In particular, it is common for the 'pip' command to fail with a long error message ending in something like this:

Invalid command 'egg_inst'

This problem primarily occurs for users who installed Canopy for the first time using version 1.3 as all packages in the User Python Environment had this problem. Canopy 1.4 corrects this issue and, when first run, will go through and correct the installation of any affected packages in the User Python Environment.

For users who have created other virtual environments, we have included a command-line utility for correcting any improperly installed packages. The command usage is:

enpkg-repair [-d / --dry-run] [--prefix <path to venv>]

Running this command by default will fix any packages in the Python environment where enpkg-repair is installed. You can specify an alternate virtual environment with the --prefix switch. The -d or --dry-run switches will report any operations that would be taken but not make any changes.


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