Windows: Failed to setup your environment (scipy egg error from anti-virus false positive)

Windows users running Avast or anti-virus software from other 2nd-tier companies may see a message like this during installation or setup:

Failed to setup your environment - v1.3.0 (win-64bit)
CalledProcessError: Command '[u'C:\Users\agueye\Desktop\User\Scripts\pythonw.exe', '-m', 'egginst.main', 'C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Local\Enthought\Canopy\App\appdata\\LOCAL-REPO\scipy-0.13.2-1.egg']' 
returned non-zero exit status 1

We suggest that you temporarily disable your anti-virus software, which will automatically enable Microsoft's anti-virus software, which does not have this problem.

We are confident that our installers are safe. They also have the confidence of the hundreds of very security-conscious corporations and government labs which install them.

Given the tens of thousands of files in the Canopy / EPD package set, and the many different techniques that anti-virus programs use for detecting malware (especially searching for specific "signature" byte strings which statistically will occur at random in a large installation such as ours), there is unfortunately a small but regular number of false positive detections, especially from smaller security companies which cannot test as carefully as the large companies, and would rather be safe than sorry.

We are investigating how to work with the antivirus companies to try to reduce the number of false positives, but in the short term the only alternative of which we are aware is to revert to Microsoft's standard anti-virus software while you download and install Canopy. You can also check the MD5 which is provided on our download page.


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