Python updated to 2.7.6 in Canopy 1.3

Canopy's Python distribution has been updated to 2.7.6 from 2.7.3. This is a minor patch release to Python meaning that all existing 2.7.3 code is expected to run the same as before. The 2.7.6 release fixes a few known security issues as well as some problems on Mac OS X 10.9, "Mavericks". A complete list of changes can be found in the Python 2.7.6 release notes.

Note for customers building eggs for use with older Canopy versions: while in general eggs built with 2.7.6 are expected to run correctly in 2.7.3, we recommend against this. Instead, the best practice is to build eggs using the oldest version of Python that is expected to be used, 2.7.3 in this case. These eggs will then run correctly on both 2.7.3 and 2.7.6.

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