[RESOLVED] Canopy Linux version fails to start using some VNC and X Windows System servers

(updated October 3, 2013)

On some remote display implementations (VNC servers, X server implementations for windows, NX server) Canopy fails to start, showing the splash screen and then aborting. The identifying feature of the issue is the Canopy application is unable to start, showing the following line as the last line of the main.log file: "QtWarningMsg: canopy: Fatal IO error: client killed". Note that the "Fatal IO error: client killed" message is also shown in various other errors too, such as disconnection of an "ssh -X" connection.

We have tracked down the problem on at least some of these servers to a problem handling high-resolution application icons. This issue was partially fixed in Canopy 1.1.1, released on October 3, 2013. It will be fully fixed when new installers are released for Canopy 1.2 in early November.

If you are unable to update to Canopy 1.1.1 because of the issue (Catch 22), then we recommend using the following workaround.


A replacement icon file is attached to this article. The file should be copied to the following location in 64-bit Canopy 1.1 installations (for Canopy 1.0.x or for 32-bit installations, modify the version number directory path accordingly):

    <install dir>/appdata/canopy-

where <install_dir> is the Canopy installation directory. The command looks like this for the default installation directory of ~/Canopy:

    cp canopy.png ~/Canopy/appdata/canopy-

This patch resolves the issue on all tested X servers, including XMing and Exceed on Windows, and VNC servers. Please let us know if there are additional X servers or VNC servers where this fix does not solve the problem.


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