Where are my downloaded exercise files?

Enthought Training on Demand has been designed to work with Canopy, allowing you to automatically download training files (exercises and solutions) to an accessible place so that you can find them easily and work with them later.

On OS X, they are located at:


On Windows, they are in:

~\My Documents\Canopy\Training


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    Brian Taylor

    When I click on any 'Exercise Notes' link on the Exercises page (https://training.enthought.com/exercises) I get an External Protocol Request from Chrome warning me that an external application is going to be run, namely Canopy.app. When I select 'Launch Application' I can see a little download animation in Canopy running, but then I get an error message telling me that the training material is not available and asking me to make sure that I've logged into Canopy using the same login I've used for the training site. The only problem is I don't see any place to actually log in to Canopy. I just the run Canopy and I'm never prompted to log in. (I'm using Canopy Express.)

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    Brian Taylor

    Solved my own problem. I was indeed logged in to Canopy with a different login.

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    Xingang Fan

    When I click on the exercise link (in firefox), it prompt to choose an application to open it. What should I do to download the exercise and solutions?


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