How to submit Enthought support requests

All users: if Canopy appears to be operating incorrectly for you, please go to the Canopy Help menu, select "Feedback / bugs", fill in as many details as you can (including your email address), and click "Send". If you can't send the report because of firewall or connection issues, please click "View Report", copy the contents to your clipboard, and then from there, if possible, into an email to us: support [at]


Canopy / EPD subscribers: To submit a support request online, click here. You may also email us: support [at] These emails will automatically be submitted as support requests, making this support website a one-stop location for tracking all your own questions, and our responses. We will also send all our responses to you by email.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. Thanks!


If you believe you have encountered a bug or error in Canopy, please submit a Feedback/bug report from the Canopy Help menu. For other questions, free users of Canopy are encouraged to post their questions to Stack Overflow with the tag "enthought". Other community members may assist there, including Enthought as time permits.

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