Enthought Python Minimum Hardware Requirements

Minimum hardware requirements are very dependent on the particular software being developed by a given Enthought Python / Canopy / VS Code user. Applications that need to store large arrays/objects in memory will require more RAM, whereas applications that need to perform numerous calculations or tasks more quickly will require a faster processor.

That  said, we find that the following list represents the minimum requirements needed to install Enthought Python and associated applications:

  • Modern Operating System:
    • Windows 7 or 10
    • Mac OS X 10.11 or higher, 64-bit
    • Linux: RHEL 6/7, 64-bit (almost all libraries also work in Ubuntu)
  • x86 64-bit CPU (Intel / AMD architecture). ARM CPUs are not supported.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 5 GB free disk space

Most users will find that any computer bought in recent years will meet (and usually exceed) these hardware requirements.

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    Travis Jennings

    If the system requirements really are as low as you say they are why does the software take so darn long to open on a computer that way exceeds those minimum requirements, for example I run windows 10 with a quad core I7 kabylake and 12GB RAM and even with processor virtualization on it takes several minutes to open

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    Jonathan March

    First startup after installation takes several minutes because it's building your Python environment (and tells you so). Subsequent startups with cold cache will typically take under a minute; with warm cache, will take under 10 seconds. If your experience differs significantly from this, feel free to file a feedback/bug report from the Canopy help menu. Given the thousands of separate components loaded by Canopy and its User Python, over-anxious 3rd-party AV software might also be delaying the process.

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    Jonathan March

    Above times are with SSD. With disk platters, significantly longer.

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    Travis Jennings

    Interesting, hmm I don't remember for sure but I mostly likely installed it on my HDD because it has more space but I'll try putting it on my SSD when I get a chance and see if that makes it open any faster.

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