Controlling LabView from Python

Enthought's Python Integration Toolkit for LabView is designed to give LabView VI authors the power of Python computation.

To go in the opposite direction, and automate LabView from Python, you can use the Python LabVIEW Automation open-source packages, written by NI employees.

These packages were not written by and are not supported by Enthought. We expect that the following instructions will work, but we have not tested them:

In the Canopy Package Manager (or with EDM), install or update the following packages:
psutil, flask, argparse, tornado, requests, tblib, pymongo

Download each of these NI packages as a zip file (green "Clone or Download" button in upper right):

In a Canopy Command Prompt, from your download directory:

pip install
pip install


Tangentially -- if you don't actually need Python to be controlling LabView from the top, but just want to write Python code to simplify the control logic of your VI's, then you can can write a simple Labview VI which calls complex Python functions, whose return values determine what Labview code should be called.


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