Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) Known Issues

(Fixed in EDM 1.9.0) Pip and setuptools not installed under some conditions

Pip, setuptools, and setuptools-provided packages such as pkg_resources are normally installed in all new EDM-created environments, but may be missing under the following conditions:

If you used EDM 1.8.3 or earlier to create a new Python environment with a command such as

edm install not_a_package -e new_environment

where "not_a_package" is not available for whatever reason (e.g. it is mis-spelled, or it's not in an available package repository),

then EDM will create the Python environment, but will not install any packages, not even pip and setuptools.

When you repeat the command with an available package (e.g. correctly spelled this time), the package will be installed, but pip and setuptools will not be.

The workaround is to manually do:

edm install pip setuptools -e new_environment


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