Create and Upload Eggs from Custom Packages

If you are running your own local instance of Enthought Deployment Server, you can upload your own packages to it with the following instructions:

  • Create an egg from your package in setuptools format by running:
    python bdist_egg

  • Use EDM to re-package this egg into a format compatible with the Deployment Server by running: (Other options for repackaging can be explored by running edm repack-egg -h.)
    edm repack-egg -a <arch> <path-to-setuptools-egg>
    <arch> is the target architecture of the egg that you are building (e.g. win-x86_64). You can see all of the available architectures by running hatcher platforms list.
    <path-to-setuptools-egg> is the path to the egg produced in the previous step.
  • This re-packaged egg can then be uploaded with hatcher. The basic format for the command is:
    hatcher eggs upload <organization-name> <repository-name> <platform> <filename>
    <organization-name> is set when the Enthought Deployment Server is installed.
    <repository-name> is created from the user interface of the Enthought Deployment Server.
    <platform> is the same as the previously mentioned <arch>.


There are two utilities mentioned above which you will need, edm and hatcher:

Documentation and download links for edm can be found on the following page:

The documentation for hatcher is available on this page:

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