Canopy 2 - failure during runtime or package installation


We recommend that all Canopy 2 users update to the current version of Canopy, 2.1.9 (released 23 April 2018), whose initial environment creation is much more robust than in previous versions. 

We also suggest that you

  • Temporarily disable any anti-virus or Internet security utilities during Canopy environment creation, especially during Canopy's initial startup.
  • Ensure that you have 2 GB free on your installation disk before installing or resetting Canopy (5 GB for full environments, which are not recommended for most users.)

If you are already running the latest version of Canopy, and you still experience an environment installation failure and want to try again (this time with antivirus disabled), there is no need to reinstall Canopy; instead, you need only go to the Canopy Tools => Troubleshoot menu, and select Reset Python Environment.

Note: A common cause of this error on Linux is running the Canopy installer shell script with admin privileges i.e. with sudo. In general, the installation of Canopy on linux does NOT require elevated privileges, and running the installer with sudo is known to cause problems with "Permissions Denied" errors. 


When you ask Canopy 2 to install a Canopy 2 / EDM Python environment, it goes through two distinct steps. First, the Python runtime (Python interpreter with standard libraries) is installed. Then the specified packages are installed.

The most common causes of Python environment installation errors, other than insufficient disk space, appear to be slowdown from anti-virus utility programs.

If you encounter such problems, please send us a feedback/bug report from the Canopy help menu. Please include: 

  • What antivirus program you are using
  • Whether you were able to temporarily disable your antivirus program during environment installation. 


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