Activation of LabVIEW Python Integration Toolkit


Important Preliminary Notes - please read

A. Due to a bug in Labview 2017 64-bit (original release), no add-ons, including this Toolkit, can be activated in that version of Labview. NI says that this has been fixed in LabView 2017 SP1, released in March 2018. Otherwise, it's necessary to activate this Toolkit from an earlier version of LV, or in the LV 2017 32-bit version. After the Toolkit is activated, the user can also use it immediately in LV 2017 64-bit.

B. While not always essential, it is most reliable to activate the Toolkit when running LabView "As Administrator" (i.e. even if you are an admin on the computer, take the extra step of starting Labview by right-clicking on the Labview icon and selecting "Run as Administrator").

C. The instructions below are primarily about activation of the toolkit on computers that are not connected to the Internet, but the first 2.5 steps also apply when activating on a connected computer.

D. If you encounter problems during activation, please start with this article from NI's support forums.


Main Instructions

First, please read the above preliminary notes.

Some installations of the Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW do not have access to the internet either for security reasons or because internet service is not available. In these situations, the Toolkit can be manually activated with a code obtained on an internet-connected computer:

  1. From LabVIEW, launch the "Activate add-ons" wizard:

  2. In the activation wizard, select the Python Integration Toolkit for LabVIEW to activate and click Activate:


    If the Python Integration Toolkit does not appear in the list of Add-ons, go back and use it once as a free trial. This can help to "wake up" the activation wizard, and alert it to the Toolkit's presence. For example, you could do the first example in the Getting Started guide.

  3. Select the 'Use a web browser...' option and click Next:

  4. You will now see the User Code and Activation Code page of the wizard, which will show you two User Codes:


    Keep this page open while you do step 6.

  5. On another computer that is connected to the internet, go to the URL shown in the wizard in step 4 (, and enter your license ID, password, and the same two User Codes from step 4:

    After you press "Continue", you will be shown one or two activation codes.

  6. On your offline Labview computer, return to the activation wizard that is still open from step 4. Enter the activation code(s) from step 5, into this still-open wizard. The "Activate >>" button should now be enabled.
  7. Click the "Activate >>" button. Another screen will appear, confirming that your activation was successful.


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