Updating from Canopy v1 to Canopy v2

The biggest changes from Canopy 1.7 to Canopy 2 are that Python 3.5 is now supported, and that package management now uses the Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM) rather than enstaller/enpkg. EDM provides state-of-the-art package dependency resolution, and allows Canopy to run and debug your code in multiple Python versions.

If you would like to try EDM-based Python environments at the command line prior to updating Canopy, you can read about and download EDM here. This would not affect your current Canopy installation. For additional information about EDM, see this Knowledge Base article.

Canopy 2.1 supports Windows, Mac, and Linux (RHEL6), and allows a user to switch between Python 2.7 and 3.5 on the same system. (It's also easy, using EDM, to work at the command line with multiple Enthought Python versions, including 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6, on Windows, Mac, or Linux.)

For more important details about Canopy 2.1, please read the Canopy 2.1 Release Notes, including "Known Issues".

Preparation: If you are using Canopy v1.7.4 or earlier, and wish to install Canopy 2 or later, please:

  • completely uninstall Canopy v1,
  • delete Canopy v1's other directories (User, System, and configuration/preferences),
  • delete the file .enstaller4rc from your home directory.
  • remove references to these Canopy v1 directories from your PATH environment variable.

These steps are described in detail in the article "Uninstalling and resetting Canopy v1".

For Canopy 2 installation details, see Installing a new Canopy version.

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