Using edm to update Canopy 2 user packages

You can use the edm utility to download, install, and update any packages that are available for Canopy 2.

If you are updating packages in a Canopy Python installation (not a separate edm-created environment):

Open a Canopy Command Prompt / Terminal from the Canopy Tools menu.
Then quit Canopy itself so that only the Canopy Command Prompt / Terminal remains open.

From a terminal (e.g. cmd or bash) prompt, see an overview of the emd commands:
$ edm help

Display all available versions (and installation status, marked by asterisk) of all packages that match a case-insensitive string. For example:

$ edm search pand

Update whatever packages you like, to the most recent versions in the online EPD repository. For example:

$ edm update ipython
$ edm update pandas
$ edm update matplotlib
$ edm update scipy

Or for the most recent version of all already-installed packages:
$ edm upgrade-all

Display available updates of already-installed packages:

$ edm whats-new

Display the history (with versions) of all package installations and updates done with enpkg (or egginst) in this Python installation.

$ edm history

Fix broken dependencies in the current environment (e.g. after a package installation had been terminated prematurely by closing the terminal window or shutting down the system):

$ edm fix-broken



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