Updating the Python packages in the Canopy 2 application

Beginning with Canopy version 2, Canopy uses a new, very stable technique for installing Enthought Python and packages. This is based on the Enthought Deployment Manager (EDM). When you continue to use the Canopy 2 Package Manager and/or EDM, your package set will remain consistent indefinitely. The tradeoff for Canopy 2's long-term stability is that you cannot migrate your Canopy 1 Python environments to Canopy 2. 

For each new version of Canopy 2, the standard Canopy installers are updated to provide a recent, consistent "bundle" of packages from the Enthought package repository. When you first install Canopy 2, the current package bundle will be installed in a new Canopy Python environment. 

On subsequent Canopy 2 updates, to avoid disrupting your working package set, you will always be asked whether you wish to replace your existing Canopy "User" Python environment with only these newest packages, or to leave your existing "User" environment in place. On internet-connected systems, packages can always be updated in the Package Manager or with the edm command-line utility.

If you are working behind a proxy firewall (typically users at large, locked-down institutions), see "Using Canopy 2 Behind a Proxy Firewall".

This article focuses on updating the packages in Canopy Python. For help with updating the Canopy application itself, see "Canopy shows no updates available - reinstalling from the website".

Updating the packages in Canopy Python

The Canopy Package Manager is the primary tool for installing and updating packages in Canopy Python. Details on using the Package Manager are in the Canopy Help menu (Documentation browser / Canopy User Guide) and in the Canopy documentation.

Regardless of whether you used the standard installer (available to all users, and recommended for most users, including subscribers) or our larger "full" installer (available to paid subscribers, but recommended only in limited circumstance), the Package Manager provides a tool for easily maintaining your package library. For all users, the Package Manager provides updates for all packages if the standard Canopy installer was used.



Starting over with a clean set of Python packages

At any time, you can reset your Canopy User Python environment to exactly the set of packages that were bundled with the Canopy installer that you most recently downloaded from the Enthought website (and then, of course, installed). You can do this through Canopy's Tools menu (Troubleshoot => Reset Python environment).


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