"Run" button is greyed out

When Canopy's "Run" button is greyed out, it usually means one of two things:

  • You might already have a script running in the Python kernel. A GUI script can start, and then return to Canopy's IPython prompt before it is finished. This can be a very useful work flow, allowing you to interact with your data using both the GUI and the command line, but if you do not realize that the GUI script is still running, it might be confusing.

    If there's already a script running in the kernel, you should usually be able to stop it from the Run menu with the Interrupt kernel or Restart kernel commands.

  • Perhaps Canopy doesn't recognize the script in the editor as a Python script, either because the script doesn't have a .py extension, or because you've accidentally changed the file type in the status bar to something non-Python.

If, after ruling out these two likely causes, you see the Run button greyed out, please submit a bug/feedback report from the Canopy help menu. Please be sure to check the screenshot option in the report, and be sure that the screen shot includes the greyed out button, the contents of the editor (including filename and status bar) and at least the most recent commands in Canopy's Python panel.

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