Windows - packages with long paths may not be installable

For some Python packages which include deeply nested subdirectories with long names, package installation might fail with a message such as "IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory", along with a very long (more than 255 characters) path name.

This error is a consequence of Windows' Maximum Path Length Limitation, and can affect any Windows application including EDM. An In post-2016 versions of Windows 10 the user can reconfigure the file system to remove this limitation.

In the meantime, if such an error is blocking your work, anything that will reduce the size of the EDM cache or EDM root directory paths could help as a workaround. Possible approaches include setting the environment variable "EDM_ROOT_DIRECTORY" to a shorter path, or changing the EDM cache path in your edm.yaml configuration file.


  • To learn the current "EDM root" and "EDM cache" directory settings, run the command "edm info" at a command prompt.
  • Please be aware that manipulating global environment variables can result in unexpected behavior when multiple users share the same machine.


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